Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"What do you do during your free time?"

So, I'm correcting my students' handouts from our lesson on "hobbies and free time"...

They had to interview each other and ask what they were doing each day of the week, and then had to invite eachother to join them. Then, they had to write a complete sentence summarizing what they were doing each day.

I had given them a box with all these choices like: Go shopping, hang out with friends, study, play baseball, listen to music, sleep, etc.

Here's how one of the dialogs went:

Eri: Hi Risa, what are you doing on Friday?
Risa: I'm going to the beach. What are you doing?
Eri: I'm sleeping. Do you want to join me?
Risa: Sure, sounds great!

Complete sentence: "On Friday, I'm sleeping with Eri."

Uh, maybe "sleep" shouldn't have been one of the options! ha ha!!


KLC said...

this reminds me of the time when one of the japanese students wanted to start a conversation with a passenger on a train. he had looked up the word he needed previously and at the opportune time, he turned to his friend and said, "I would like to have intercourse with you."

KLC said...

larry wants me to explain this one but i'm going to assume everyone knows what intercourse means.

Cecilia said...

this totally reminds me when I was learning english..... yeah, let's not talk about that.....

Brian said...

LOL...You're the best teacher EVER! ;)