Sunday, May 20, 2007

My First Baseball Game

Saturday, May 19th... a cold, dreary, rainy day.

It was the annual sports tournament (baseball, volleyball, basketball, tennis, etc.) between all the high schools of the Tango area. I, along with most of the Miyazu students and staff not participating in other sports, was ordered to go to watch the baseball game between Miyazu and Kaiyo High Schools.

Tanaka-sensei & I had to stand in the cold rain on the side of the main road ("highway"?) making sure the students were "safe" as they biked their way to the city baseball grounds- tucked away uphill, through a dark narrow tunnel, in some remote location. They were soaked and exhausted as huge trucks and heavy winds nearly blew them off the road. (If we're being "forced" to go this game, WHY don't we have schoolbuses taking us there?!?) "The officials" were going to decide 5 minutes before the game started whether or not it would be canceled due to rain (and then the students would have to bike BACK in the rain). After a half hour of this torture, we finally got in the warm car and drove up to the grounds, passing the miserable students. The game was ON and an announcement was made for "severly wet" students to go home if they wished. NONE went home.

Anyway, the game was fantastic. I sat and cheered on the Miyazu side-the team members who weren't playing in that game were in the stands with us, wearing their practice uniforms and cheering, singing, chanting in unison for their fellow players. It was awesome- they had a different song and chant for each player and play. There were stolen bases and bunts, homeruns and lots of sliding on the muddy field.
Miyazu's baseball team was perfectly coordinated, great pitching, throws, and catches. Kaiyo, on the other hand, was terrified of the ball (catching or hitting). They didn't wake up until the 6th inning, but the game was finally called in the 7th inning- Miyazu, 10: Kaiyo, 2.

This makes me really excited to go see a Yankees (or Mets) game when I get back to New York!!!

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