Monday, November 16, 2009

morning shadows

the breakfast nook


recycled newspaper baskets

happy plants = happy home = happy family

Finally... some artwork on the walls

We finally put up some of the artwork that has been sitting in a big box in the corner of our kitchen.

Putting up art on freshly painted walls is like starting a brand new sketchbook... there are millions of possibilities- colors, textures, frames- you can fill it up with but it's just so hard to start....

Being married to the artist of many of these pieces also makes it pretty cool... :)

Orange Walls and the 1st year's transformation

I can't believe we've been in our home for more than a year now! Since we're done with wedding planning, we finally had some time to do some light remodeling and painting... first up, orange walls!

Paint: Ivy Coatings (zero-VOC) from Green Depot Based on Benjamin Moore's "Pumpkin Cream" 2168-20



Sunday, November 08, 2009

married? yeah, married!... sheesh!

I am now a married woman... P and I love our wonderful life together but it hasn't changed much from the last year of living together- our left hands are just a bit heavier, and we get to say "my husband" or "my wife" legally, and then we get to giggle a little!

Seriously, we hope the birds continue "chirping" around us for many more decades!

I'm recovering from the last year of wedding planning and will eventually get around to posting some photos/details on the blog. It was awesome, but also really really exhausting, as any bride can attest. The usual fights over guest lists and food and seating arrangements and obligations were inevitable, and doing it from across the country made it just that more difficult. Although we wanted to keep it as small and intimate as possible, we were also obligated to invite many more people than we expected and also were unable to invite many many many more people that we wanted. In the end, everyone survived and had a lovely time- and our efforts to keep the wedding "green" and about "us" were rewarded... stay tuned....