Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Grrrr.... Rainy rant!!!

It was hard to get out of bed this morning without the sunshine pouring into my bedroom like it normally does. Instead, it was dark and gloomy outside, threatening rain at any second. Finally dragged myself to my computer to check the forecast for this morning and breathed a sigh of relief that it wouldn't rain until about 3pm. The air was heavy and I opened the windows for some fresh air.

Got ready for work (school) while listening to NPR, made an uplifting breakfast of a fried egg over cheese w/ tomatoes on a toasted English muffin with my daily double espresso. (Am I in Japan or New York?!?) Yummy, put me in better spirits.

Was finally ready and packing up my bag when it suddently started to POUR outside... huge fat raindrops, a real downpour. Stupid weather forecast. Then I smelled a stench like rotten eggs. i thought.... oh god... my eggs went bad. Oh no!!! and i just ate the whole thing- but it didn't taste bad... what?!?

I went over to shut my window and there HE was. The toilet waste tank vacuum guy. Right, it's the end of the month. He was vacuuming away at the in-ground tank at my neighbor's house. I guess mine was next. No mask or anything. Maybe gloves, I didn't care to check. I slammed my window shut, took a deep breath and ran out of my house.

CRAP. Forgot to pick up my keys to lock my door.

Ran back in, took a deep breath, grabbed my keys.

CRAP. Forgot my umbrella.

Ran back and grabbed the umbrella. Deep breath. Ran back out.

Ran down the stairs. Oh god! Frantically fumbling to open the umbrella while balancing my laptop bag and purse on my forearms. Couldn't BREATHE!!!

Took a breath, almost threw up from the smell. (Note to self... breathe through the mouth!!)
Breathed through my mouth... the thought grossed me out so much that I almost passed out. Practically hyperventilating now. Ran past the waste truck and jumped over its miles of pulsating tubes from the vacuum and half ran/walked to school.

My pants I JUST picked up from the dry cleaner yesterday were falling off my hips so the hems were dragging on the ground while I was walking. (Have I really lost that much weight?) Was trying to balance the umbrella to shield my laptop bag and purse while simultaneously pulling up my pants and now my socks had wriggled down below my ankles! What?!? Had to stop in the middle of the street to adjust the socks, yank up the pants, readjust the heavy bags, and reorient the umbrella to the rain. Finally made it to school as the bell rang, with dirty muddy hems and wet socks.

And now, it's stopped raining.

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