Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wishful thinking??

I brought home most of my winter clothes, boots, hats, and scarves when I went to California, and when I came back, there was still snow on the ground. But, it's finally starting to get warmer!!!! Hooray!!!

It could be wishful thinking and slightly premature, but today, I dared to wear my cropped cargo pants with flats- no socks!!! And, I even put away my kotatsu blanket! I blame the poor insulation of Japanese homes and the kotatsu for all the weight I gained during the winter, crawling underneath that blanket trying to stay alive instead of being active and walking around like I normally would in New York. Now it's time to seriously burn some calories riding my bike, walking around, getting some sun on my pale skin (that would be a dead giveaway that I'm a foreigner since few women allow their skin to be touched by sunlight), and climbing the hills around my house.

A pretty hilarious manganimation (yes I made that word up) on how attached to the kotatsu you get in the winter!!!

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