Monday, March 05, 2007


I will be in California for about a week with limited email and phone access. I will return to work (at Miyazu) on March 14th after some hellacious traveling (from SF through Vancouver back to Kansai).

Growl will be holding down the fort!


Sono said...

Come to visit us in S.F. if you get a chance. We would love to see you. What is this I am reading in your profile? Chinese-American NEW YORKER?? What happened to your California roots? (In the words of Goober of Andy Griffith Show) For shame, for shame, for shame!

laurie said...

I said "VIA CALIFORNIA"!!! OK but I get your point. I'll change it, jeesh!

emily said...

are you just in SF??? We miss laurie-yah!
emily, manni & dillard

giuli said...

do owls growl?