Sunday, March 18, 2007

more coastline near me

When I first arrived in hot, humid August, my first adventure with the Yoshidas was to hike up to the famous Kyogomi- saki Toudai lighthouse and have a picnic dinner at the viewing platform at the top. I was ill prepared for the hike in my high heel wedge sandals (I thought we were going to a nice restaurant).

Well, yesterday, I went on a nice Sunday drive with Bryn and Jannie to see the coastline in Taiza ("Tateiwa"- Standing Rock) and the lighthouse again in the harsh late winter conditions- this time in tennis shoes and bundled up against the cold wind... The sun broke through and we were rewarded with blue skies and spectacular views. OH, and we saw wild monkeys running across the road!!! Like, awesome.


Bryn said...

I think I look EVIL in that picture of the three of us! Doh! It was a good day at the beach though, even if it WAS bloody cold!

Paul said...

Those rocks look so sharp!! yikes! great looking lighthouse, being so stark white it reminds me of Puerto Rico a little. Wonderful panoramic, of course. Byrn, evil? This I can't believe.