Tuesday, March 27, 2007

English Festival 2007

I realized that talking about this English Club Festival is probably as exciting as listening to a coworker gushing about their recent vacation to Washington DC or something- yeah, you're happy they took a trip somewhere, and they learned a lot and want to share everything with you, blah blah, but you'd just rather look at a FEW pretty pictures and spare the mundane details.

So here's the brief summary: 50 high school students from their school's "International" / "English" Club participated in a day long "festival" of games, recitation contests, and drama plays. Most of the AET's from the 10 or so schools coached the students with their pronunciation, intonation, etc. of the 3 speeches (MLK's "I Have A Dream", a speech by Yoko Ono, and "Virginia's Letter"). They are great, motivated, well behaved students who "love English", so it was actually really fun to just hang out with them. Two of my students from Miyazu placed in the "Honorable Mention" category and my heart swelled with pride seeing their huge smiles as they accepted their awards. I guess that's the closest feeling I've had to being a proud parent. So, hooray for Maeda and Kanako!!! (and awesome efforts to Mayu and Choda!)

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