Monday, March 05, 2007

Ecologically responsible drinking?

So as I am shopping for "omiyage" to bring home for friends and family in California, I come across this dried squid sake pourer / pitcher and cup. It's difficult to understand from the photos, but it basically is a dried squid that is sealed at the bottom (and I suppose is self-standing). You pour sake into the top and the um, "essence" of the squid soaks into the sake and you pour it into the tiny squid skin cup for even more tasty squidy sake. I guess the squid skin is thick enough that the sake won't slosh out. After you finish the sake, I suppose you're too drunk to care- but you eat the cup and pourer thingie that has now been tenderized by the alcohol.

I still haven't decided who I'm going to present this shockingly cool invention to- either my dad or Jason (Tiff- hope that's ok!) I'm posting this just in case US Customs takes this away from me at the airport. ("What in tarnation? Them crazy Asians will eat anything!!!")

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laurie said...

p.s. It got through U.S. customs and Jason was really excited about this (at least that's what it seemed like)!