Monday, February 05, 2007

Cod semen...

#1: "Shirako" (literally, "white children"- I just found out now, as I was double-checking the spelling of it- that instead of being fish ovaries as I was told when peer-pressured into eating it, this mass of white beans or brains is in fact, "cod-milt", "soft" or "white roe", or, in layman's terms.... "cod semen". I ate the sperm sacs of the cod fish. When cod milt is gently cooked, its texture becomes even more creamy and custardlike- a delicacy to many Japanese! New Yorkers, you can try shirako here!
"It tastes kind of, like, um, clam chowder!"- Leigh

#2: Slimy okra and nomako (some sort of super chewy lima-bean shaped seafood) swimming in snot-like substance. Kinda tasty, but really difficult to eat with chopsticks!!

#3: Individually wrapped single servings of dried fish, sugar coated adzuki (red beans), crunchy sweet salty snackballs, and the bowl of okra-snot behind that.


Paul said...

how come you get to eat all the crazy sh*t once i leave??

what gives?

Sono said...

Mmmm, snot. You make these dishes so appetizing!

vaso said...

was it ... ehhh... salty?