Thursday, February 01, 2007

Miyazu's gems

These are my two favorite places in Miyazu. Turns out, they are right next door to eachother, so it all works out!

#1: dondon-ya is the udon shop run by Akira and his wife- another amazingly cute Japanese couple. His English has been perfected over the years by befriending the AETs in the area (even getting one AET to type up their extensive menu all in English!). His travels in America led him to take the Greyhound bus from LA to NYC, a fun experience, I'm sure. They have a vast collection of Peko-chan dolls, the extremely cute " Milky Chocolate" girl. In his spare time, he paints lighthearted watercolor portraits of himself and his family. In true Japanese fashion, he presented me and Paul with a stack of original postcards and signed each one with a flourish.

#2: Cafe Murataya is a little Italian oasis in the middle of the Japanese countryside. The old tailor in town decided to expand his shop and open up a cafe that adjoins his shop. So, after you get fitted for a nice suit (he has bolts of fine Italian wools, silk ties, and shoes), you can hop across the room and enter the bright airy minamilist cafe for a cappuccino or Italian soda. The fixtures, bright orange chairs, wall mounted radiators, even the toilet are all very modern Italian- and they have a great wall of imported British and Italian candy, cookies/biscuits, teas, and... ILLY COFFEE!! Why did I not find this place earlier????

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