Monday, February 12, 2007

Miyazu High School "International Day"

We held an International Day last week, and invited some foreigners from Maizuru's Polytechnic College to attend. In the past, we have invited local AETs but they always come from commonly known countries such as America, England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. so this time, they were excited that our guests were from Malaysia, Laos, Zambia, and China.

However, it seemed like the school was introducing Japanese culture to the guests rather than the opposite. Each of the 6 ichi-nensei (1st years) classes was in charge of one of the guests and had planned a different Japanese activity- including making mochi and okonomiyaki, judo and traditional dancing performances, and playing traditional Japanese games. My only role was to walk around the school with Tanaka-sensei, my supervisor/JTE, and observe what was going on. In a way, this was actually better since we got to see what each class did, but I felt like the students and the guests were really limited since none of them got a chance to rotate classrooms or interact with eachother.

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