Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Longest birthday party ever...

After getting up at 6am on Friday morning to go to Ine Bunko, teaching a full day of classes, then taking the hour long bus ride back to Miyazu Station, and then taking the 3 hour train to Kyoto, I finally got to the pre-party at Colleen and Lliam's.

Our mustachio'd bunch polished off several bottles of tequila in a few hours and watched Jason down his "dirty pint" -Adam's foul birthday concoction which consisted of mixing every single type of alcohol in the place into the blender. Most people would've been destroyed at that point but Jason's sheer size and tolerance surprised us all, as many of our party fell into ditches, deep slumber, and/or into taxis heading home.

The rest of us went on to a small drum n bass club and continued to happily dance into the wee hours of the night/ morning. It was great to be back in a big city- people are out after 7pm, we were surrounded by well dressed young hipsters and good music. It reminded me of the crazy nights in NYC with Suraj, Vel, and Glen... It was one of the most fun nights I've had in Japan! Finally staggered home on Saturday morning (Jason's real birthday) around 5am? I think...

Woke up totally fuzzy and hungover... No diners here, so we headed to the local ramen restaurant and zoned out there for a few hours filling each other up on the hilarious and sketchy details of the night before. I insisted on having Mexican food at some point in the weekend, so we treated Jason to a proper Mexican birthday dinner on Saturday night.

Rounded out the weekend with a turkey and cheese sandwich from Subway, a latte and chocolate chip cookie from Starbucks (I KNOW, I KNOW), and shopping at Jupiter (the international market under Kyoto Station).

This week I will be recovering.

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