Sunday, February 25, 2007

Homesick and sick at home

Wow... so a few hours after my last posting about getting homesick, I developed a fever and got aches and chills and had to go home early. Not sure if they were psychologically linked or what but that was really a bummer way to start the "new year". I just need for the weather to warm up and stay nice -is it too much to ask for my olive oil to stay in liquid form (instead of having it "frozen" solid) or not be able to see my breath inside my apartment?

OK, that's the extent of my whining... for now.

1 comment:

vaso said...

geez cheung

i hope you're doing better

you're halfway there
oh oh living on a prayer

sorry. i had to.

it's been 7 months already. i'm so proud of you!