Friday, July 30, 2010

Urban gardening 2010: Squash (June and July)

The last time I posted about the squash, I was meddling with nature, and our first squash had just started forming... Here it is mid June, with the flower completely open.

The flower has fallen off, and the zucchini is definitely getting bigger.
The harvest! Zucchini, basil, thyme (Late June)
Brunch on the patio- zucchini herb frittata with local La Bagel Delight bagel

There were a ton of blossoms after that, but for some reason, they kept falling off. Perhaps there were too many plants in the planter, or the soil needed to be amended somehow, but all the little half-formed zucchini just rotted and fell off. Then July's temperatures hit, and it was all over. The squirrels ravaged the new leaves, and then started chomping on the stalks, and the wind just tore them apart.

Thrashed zucchini

We had to chop them all down to the soil and basically see if new leaves and flowers would form again. Disappointing, considering these are supposed to be the easiest thing to ever grow, and we only got ONE zucchini out of the whole lot! :(

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