Monday, July 26, 2010

Brooklyn Cyclones game

Um, so I'm not really that huge of a baseball fan- but I ended up going to baseball games three weekends in a row! First we went to CitiField and saw the Mets play the Braves (my first time ever seeing a major league baseball game in NYC)! Then I saw the Cyclones shut-out the Tri-City Valleycats in Troy (near Albany), and then we saw a home game against the Staten Island Yankees.

We had brunch with Tom at Jolie on Atlantic Avenue, and then braved the ominous weather on our way to Coney Island. It was our lucky day- Tom got an amazing parking space directly across the street from the stadium! We walked down the boardwalk and people-watched for awhile (and you could do this all day at Coney Island), and then the rain came down... I guess not so lucky... The three of us were pretty far down along the beach, so we got soaked as we headed back to the stadium. The beach emptied out and everyone ran for cover underneath the large concrete pavilions. Eventually we squeezed in to huddle beneath the pitiful faux-tropical thatched awning of a smoothie shack during the worst of the downpour.

Just like our first time seeing the Cyclones 2 years ago, we hung out waiting for the game to be called. But that time, although it was in mid August, it dropped to about 50 degrees so we were FREEZING in our shorts and tank tops. This time, it was at least warm, but the memories of that day made me want to go home. I was glad I didn't, because the weather cleared up, and we were treated to a spectacular pink and purple sunset and the rising of a hazy full moon. (yay, lucky us!)

But, the Cyclones lost to the Yankees, 8 to 7. (not so lucky). Great crowd, although we were stuck with the other "bleacher creatures"! :)

JG, Ahmed, Sean, P, me, Katie, Tom

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