Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July weekend -Scituate, MA

 We couldn't have gone to a more perfect place for 4th of July weekend- the weather was warm and sunny, Old Glory proudly waved over every home, great beaches, tons of kids, s'mores, fireworks, parades, sand sculptures....

You just can't help but make puns for Scituate- it is "scituate-d" about an hour south of Boston, along the Atlantic Coast (north of Cape Cod). P's brother (James) and his family (Betsy, Willie, Ollie, plus Sailor, their chocolate lab) live there year round with the ocean to their front and a huge "pond" at their back, and are surrounded by beautiful homes and super friendly neighbors. We never saw less than 5 kids playing together at any time, and at the greatest, it was like recess time at the playground- dozens of kids from 2 to 16 (mostly boys, 2 girls) running around playing lacrosse, soccer, frisbee, basketball, riding bikes, kayaking, skim boarding, swimming, doing gymnastics, and without fail, their favorite game after dark, "Ghost in the Graveyard".
 The view of the houses across the street, with the ocean beyond
The pond and sunset behind the house
We hung out at North Scituate Beach most of the time
 The boys waiting for a good wave for their skim boards
Gearing up to get in the ocean
 I took a great walk down to Egypt Beach- the next beach over
 Beyond Egypt Beach there was this gorgeous serene wetland (?) with grasses and rocks. 
The houses on Egypt Beach are built on stilts
Minot Lighthouse is in the distance

Very well maintained homes and perfectly manicured landscaping!
A great view of from the backseat of James' Jeep
 We had steamers for our first dinner!
W & O stayed in the tent in the backyard most of the nights that we were there.

 All the neighborhood kids and parents showed up suddenly when we starting making s'mores. It was an impromptu neighborhood party!

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