Thursday, July 29, 2010

Brooklyn day with Katy

Katy's in town from Sweden, and we finally got a whole day to hang out! We met up at the Brooklyn Museum off Eastern Parkway and wandered around the Mummy Chamber, the Dresses, Andy Warhol, and Kiki Smith exhibits. When the museum closed, we raced through the Brooklyn Botanic Garden before they closed.
Katy and Alexander Calder's Le Guichet in the Osborne Garden

Earlier this year, Lincoln Center paid tribute to Mayor Bloomberg at its annual spring gala by offering to move the work by Calder to any place in New York City of his choosing for 90 days. After a Citywide location search, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, which is celebrating its centennial year, was selected!  Le Guichet was created by Alexander Calder—one of the mayor's favorite sculptors—in 1963 and was presented to the people of New York in 1965. It has been on view at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts until now. This is the first time it has been offered on loan.  Lucky us!

We also walked through the recently opened Herb Garden- hooray for urban agriculture! I was too excited I forgot to take any photos. It was the perfect time to visit since almost everything was in bloom/season.

Finally, stopped off at my house for a break on the patio, then picked up some sandwiches and drinks, and walked along the Brooklyn Promenade to Brooklyn Bridge Park! I was so happy to finally make it to one of the free Thursday night Movies with a View!
It was amazingly refreshing to have a break in the weather. We watched the sunset over the Hudson and the temperatures hovered around the mid-70s as Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window came on. It was perfectly comfortable compared to the hot mugginess of the last few weeks!

Like anything else free in the city, it was completely mobbed. You could barely see a few inches of grassy patches between all the picnic blankets! But things like this make me love New York.

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