Saturday, July 24, 2010

Urban gardening 2010: Tomatoes (June and July)

With the bathroom renovation taking over our entire apartment, we did not get to care for our urban garden as well as we would have liked.... and without us living full time at the apartment, the squirrels decided that the fruits of our labor on our patio were for their taking.... grrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

A small harvest of 1 plum, 2 yellow cherries, and some oregano (late June)
Tomatoes Mid/Late June
Tomatoes late June
Oh no! The bottoms of these tomatoes started turning black! Picked them off and threw a bunch of crushed eggshells in the pot. They subsequent ones didn't turn black, but kept getting knocked down by squirrels before they could turn red!
Mid/Late July
The plum and cherry tomatoes were getting more and more red everyday...
Late June
Mid/late June
Early July
Tomato harvest early July
Mid July
Tomato harvest mid July
Basil planted at the base of the tomatoes (mid/late July)

Everyday, we'd come home to find half eaten tomatoes on the ground.... so painful!
We've tried sprinkling the dried blood and cayenne pepper around, but they don't seem to deter those pests... I guess with the ridiculously hot weather, they deserve some fresh vitamins and home grown fruit too... we are in their world, after all. But still, they are OUR tomatoes!!!

OH, and our long awaited time lapse "movie"of the tomatoes' growth- from Joerg's Plant Cam! A photo was taken every few hours from June 4th to July 24th, condensed into a 7 second video. At one point the camera was tipped over a little bit (we think by those pesky squirrels) but we don't have any proof of them. Grrrr......

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