Sunday, August 22, 2010

PS 1- Warm Up

We trekked out to Long Island City on Saturday for Katy's going away party at PS1. It's been several years since I've been to PS1, and my first to the Warm Up parties... I had avoided them due to the rumors of the hour long lines outside to get in, but Katy informed me that they weren't like that anymore. But wow- what a scene! The courtyard was full of giant rubber balls that people were either sitting on or they were being bounced around on top of the nets, from one part of the courtyard to another, in the true PS1 interactive courtyard installation manner. The steps up to the museum were jammed with people, and the music was pumping. We could barely hear each other talk- it was basically like going to an outdoor club during the afternoon.

P and I headed inside to rest our throats but we were equally impressed and disappointed with the artwork, but perhaps it was just way too crowded to enjoy. Everybody seemed to be in their most "effortlessly" hip outfit, strutting around and checking each other out, which was actually kind of like an exhibition in itself!

This highly anticipated outdoor series celebrates its twelfth year of exposing audiences to the best in experimental music and live bands, performances, and DJs. Coinciding with the annual Young Architects Program, this year's Warm Up will merge with a new courtyard installation, Pole Dance, created by the architectural firm Solid Objectives - Idenburg Liu (SO - IL).

This year for the first time, Warm Up will feature interdisciplinary collaborations between musicians and artists. On our particular visit, Body & Pole, a series of performances created by choreographer Kyra Johannesen was performed in the courtyard, further expanding the interactive qualities presented in the architectural installation Pole Dance.

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