Sunday, August 01, 2010

Urban gardening 2010: Peas (June and July)

This July was so different from last July.... Last year it was rainy and cool, this year it was HOT. HOT. HOT. HUMID. HOT. 14 days this month, it hit or surpassed 90 degrees! The cool weather peas barely languished and finally gave up.... At least we were able to have a few peas in our salads- although most of them we just ate when we were picking them.
Late June

Early July

I cut down all the old dried pea shoots and leaves and we were trying to figure out what to grow in that container.... and then, suddenly, NEW peas! I guess the weather cooled down enough for them to come back? Who knows... we'll let these go and see how they do. Randomly, morning glories also started to grow out of the pea planter, so they will be growing alongside the peas. I hope that they, along with the marigolds in the lower zucchini planter will be able to provide the peas a bit more shade.
Late July

Late July

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