Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lincoln Center Green Roof

 Wow, what a great space! Was able to stroll around Diller and Scofidio's new contoured grass-covered roof at Lincoln Center today after watching a complimentary open rehearsal of tonight's Mostly Mozart rehearsal at Avery Fisher Hall, courtesy of a temporary partnership between Lincoln Center and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

From the Lincoln Center website:
Joining landscape and architecture, the gently contoured Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Lawn is an elevated, 7,203 square foot expanse of public green that slopes gracefully toward Paul Milstein Pool and Terrace. Technically described as a hyperbolic paraboloid, Illumination Lawn brings another dimension of visual interest to Hearst Plaza—its texture contrasting with the surrounding materials, and its unexpected shape setting off the linear quality of the buildings around it. Designed to provide a tranquil, verdant oasis for students, artists, and visitors, the green serves as a dynamic gathering space, as well as the roof of a pavilion housing a new destination restaurant, a film center, and offices. 

The geometry of the roof is derived using straight structural elements that are slightly rotated relative to one another. The result is an undulating rectangular surface with two high corners diagonally opposed from one another and two low corners on the opposite diagonal corners. The slopes range from flat to 18 degrees.

The grass... is held in place by a combination of geoweb and grass roots. The geoweb is a perforated polyethylene cellular mat that is stretched across the roof surface and attached to the building perimeter with stainless steel tendons. The geoweb cells are filled with growing media and then planted with sod. The roots from the sod will, over time, grow to interlock with the geoweb. The growing media varies across the surface of the roof but averages about 9" across the entire roof. It was selected for its resiliency to foot traffic and the fact that it is greener than other varieties during its dormant season.

Groovy. Too bad it was too hot and muggy to stand outside for more than 3 minutes. 
I'll have to come back when it's a bit cooler. Of course, that would mean I'm going to have to go north of 14th Street, ha ha.

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