Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Overheard (and experienced!) in NYC: #2

Paul and I went to my friend Susan's birthday party at a bar in Brooklyn last Saturday- it also happened to be her wedding day! It was great to see both sides of Susan and Chris' friends and family, relaxed after a whole day of formal festivities.

Now, the crowd was pretty wasted by the time we showed up (about midnight) so we had a lot of catching up to do.

A guy with a shaved head in an impeccable National Guard uniform (a friend of Chris) roped us in for our first shot of the night- after much debate on whether it was going to be vodka or tequila, we ended up deciding that I would pay for the round of vodka shots- 3 for us, plus the bride and groom. Then he was going to buy the next round, where he would show us the "correct" way of taking a tequila shot.

He kept telling me and Susan that we'd be pardoned if we refused to take the shot after watching him do it the "correct" way, because women are "wusses" or something like that, which of course, put us on the defense. But really... after seeing what he did, I'd be fine if he called me a wuss for the rest of my life.

This is what he did:

#1) Took the salt and spread it out on the bar. Took out a credit card and started chopping it up and making lines. SNORTED the salt up his NOSE.

#2) Took the tequila shot.

#3) Took the lemon wedge and squeezed it into his eyes.

This ranks up there with my other crazy bar experience in Kyoto.....


Anney said...

Wait, what is this? Who is this? Laurie, that is awful! Did he SHOWER in the tequila????

giuli said...