Wednesday, September 05, 2007


After a leisurely, delicious dinner at Delhi Palace (Jackson Heights, Queens), Anne Marie, Edward, and I were walking back to their apartment, sucking on some Malai Kulfi popsicles.

Even though it was like 10pm, we passed all kinds of bustling street vendors, shops selling things from saris to cigarettes... Man, you can get ANYTHING in New York...

Anyway, so we were walking past these beautiful old brick apartment buildings when I noticed a backlit window with some sort of active shadow puppetry going on. When I slowed down to see what all the activity was- it was actually a couple of rats, scurrying around in the basement of the building, right up against the window!! They were quite playful, but really, the whole thing was making me a little nauseous.

I was so flustered that I couldn't find my camera to take a video, but my handy cell phone caught them in action. (And technology these days!!! I even sent them from my phone to my email account, just like my great Japanese phone!)

Anyway- back to the dirty rat show... It was so WEIRD to be so close to the scampering vermin and not be scared sh*tless by them possibly running over my feet, or possibly even up my leg and into my skirt or something. I stood there in disgusted awe, watching the show with that thin piece of security glass separating us.

However, it was free and the lighting was great (2 of my most favorite aspects for any experience)...

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Sono said...

Yoiks! They grow them big in New York! Yuck-poo!Laurie, I tried to get June to look at this. She would have NO part of it!