Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hide in New York

Hide, my police officer friend from Japan, just came out to New York for a whirlwind visit. Even though it was his 3rd time here, it was the first time he was here with a "local".

The main purpose of his trip (woah, I sound like a Japanese textbook) was to watch the Men's Semifinals and Finals of the US Open! Big time. I've never even been to a Yankees Game and he's seen all the major sports events in New York.

Anyhow we squeezed in visits to Central Park, Bryant Park (Fashion Week), Greenwich Village, Chinatown, Soho, Nolita, downtown Manhattan, and a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Lots of shopping, lots of walking, and lots of eating, to be expected.

The last time he visited New York, he met a stretch limo driver on the street so he ended up hiring the guy to drive him to the airport. This time, he took a helicopter! wait, what?!? Yes! For only 100 bucks, you can get from Manhattan to JFK in 10 minutes, on a helicopter! That beats a $50 car service or cab sitting in traffic for an hour anyday. Well, I'm too cheap (and poor) so I take the subway to the airport.

But yeah, good times. I'm still recovering...

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