Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Quit "bugging" me!!!

Current situation: Warm and rainy, about 22C (72F)- it's rainy season now.
Rice fields are lush and green, frogs are croaking, flowers and vegetable gardens are in full bloom- as are all the other creatures of our animal kingdom.

So, I am REALLY a "city girl", but now that I live in the countryside, I have to refer to myself as an "inaka-ette" ("inaka" means "country-side" in Japanese and the French suffix "-ette" gives a more refined sound than just "girl"). I wish I could be comfortable lying on the grass without worrying about ants crawling up my skirt or getting squeamish about insects and rodents.... But no. I am a total pansy.

My apartment is full of moths, flies, mosquitos, crunchy delicate-ish black insects these days.... i'm killing at least 30-40 a night. Last night I sprayed insecticie all over my window screens and the edges of the window where they slide past eachother. Guess what happened? All the tiny little insects that could get in between the window and screen flew in, and got STUCK to the insecticided glass. So now I have like hundreds of dead insects stuck to my windows.

On the other hand, I have found several lizards crawling around on my windows, and I'm told that they are good luck- they are known as "protectors of homes"- I couldn't imagine how many more bugs there would be if I didn't have these little saviors around.

Apparently, I don't know how to open and close windows properly. Jun came over yesterday and told me that I either have to keep the windows ABSOLUTELY closed and locked OR they must be ALL the way open so that the edges of the window frames are butt up against each other to close the gap between the glass and frame... OH!!!! Well, that might help.

At least I'm not Jannie- she had a 1 metre long snake slithering around her school yesterday. And these creatures were found IN her house....

The "mukade" - a scary and poisonous centipede- was found only a few centimeters away from Jannie's hand crawling down her stairs!!

And these "koorogis" are harmless crickets... ugh!!

Semi-related rant....
I showed up at school the other day and got to my desk- there's a big purse on my chair, like one you'd put a laptop in, and there's a form on my desk from my supervisor to fill out. The paper, and my desk was covered with like 40 tiny dead insects!!!

I asked my JTE who sits next to me what the hell was going on, and she explained that at night, the insects fly into the teachers room because of the lights, and then they just hover around the lights and then fall and die on top of our desks. She was like, yeah, we have to wipe off our desks every morning. (Um, what?!?!? Is this efficient?!?)

So, i wiped off my desk, stamped the forms, and then saw my supevisor coming by, I assumed, to pick up her purse off my chair. She walked by and said good morning to me, and reminded me to stamp the form, and walked back to her office... So, I finally aske the JTE about the purse on my chair since I still haven't sat down, and she's like, "OH! That purse? Oh, that's mine! Sorry!!!"

What the hell?!? She's seriously got some issues. Paul said I should fill her purse with dead flies.


Paul said...

Ummm, Jannie's makade was a METER long? that's, like, a yard, no? Holy crap!

laurie said...

No.... the SNAKE was a METER long. I think the "mukade" was about 15 cm (about 6 inches). However, I was talking to Kumi about them last night and she said they normally travel in pairs.... Watch out jannie!!!!

Paul said...

ohhhh. opps. that's a big snake though. it's nice that they set it free and didn't try to cook it or something.