Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Lots of rain these days... rice paddies and vegetable gardens are abundantly green. And when the roads are wet, the teeny green frogs jump out of the paddies and are all over the place! I was walking to school the other day and must've seen like hundreds of these tiny little frogs hopping all over the road!

I was scared that I would step on one, or even worse, one would jump on me, but I soon found out that if I took heavy steps, they hopped away from the source of the vibrations in the road. Unfortunately, cars and bicycles didn't give advance warning to many of them, so there were also many squished frogs on the road as well... It's kind of like "Frogger" in a way.... except there's like hundreds of frogs and a few cars on a narrow little road!


giuli said...

sounds like a B rated scary movie...attack of the frogs-ahhhh!

Paul said...

Where's the video footage of this? Readers want to see!