Friday, June 29, 2007

KODO Taiko

I recommend everyone to watch a LIVE taiko performance at some point in their life...
They Yoshidas got me tickets to watch KODO, the famous Japanese taiko group, for my birthday. Although a little over-produced, it was simply one of those "Japanese experiences".

We were not allowed to take photos or video footage of the show, but this clip is from their show at the Acropolis.

The energy, power, and beauty from the tiny little handrums to the giant taiko drums takes your breath away.

"Kodo" literally has 2 meanings:
1) "heartbeat" (the primal source of all rhythm, like the sound of a mother's heartbeat felt by a baby in the womb) and 2) "children of the drum"- like the performers' desires to play their drums with the heart of a child.

(Masami & me at the performance- I wore my black summer kimono!)

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