Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fun & Games

Last Saturday, a bunch of us AETs spent a day sitting out in the sun, cheering on our students in the Tango region's track and field meet. I was the only high school AET there (it was a junior high school meet), but one of my favorite 3rd year students was also there to cheer on his little brother, so we ended up hanging out and talking the whole time!

Aftewards, we got together at Andrew & Desirae's house for a wholesome game of Cranium, fueled by Desi's homemade brownies, their wonderful assortment of imported cheese (yum!!!) and crackers, and drinks. Then we packed into the izakaya across the street and ate/drank for a few more hours.

Then, we moved on to the bowling place in Mineyama! We got there pretty late, so we had to rush through our games. Of course, I was absolutely terrible (my score is the lower one, Jun is a fabulous bowler). Besides everything being in Japanese, it wasn't much more different than a normal American bowling alley. Well, the shoes came out of a vending machine- you just put your 300¥ in, and out tumbled a pair of gleaming (velcro!) shoes!

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