Friday, April 20, 2007

Virginia Tech massacre

My heart and condolences goes out to all the victims and their families at Virginia Tech... and to fellow JET Joel, who lost his sister in the shootings.

(I feel awful that it took me so long to post this.) It is difficult to be so far away from family and friends at a time like this- especially with all the local festivals and dreamworld I feel like I am while "teaching" ("playing"? exploring?) in Japan...

However, I have been following the NY Times, my closest link to what is happening at home. Many of us JETs have been reading and discussing the articles and now are defensively and/or shamefully explaining the situation to horrified Japanese teachers and students. One of my teachers actually asked me if EVERY SINGLE American owns a gun, including me, because that is seriously what she thinks... like, yes, everyone drives a huge car, eats at McDonald's, and owns a handgun.

So, when will America stop? When will the lawmakers finally stop and think about changing our gun laws or where our nation's youth are going? I am ashamed of our blundering boorish behavior as world leaders and travelers, our huge gas guzzling cars, the vulgar tabloids and tacky reality shows, the high obesity, divorce, and lawsuit rates, and poor recycling habits (isn't it ironic that "Earth Day" originated in the US?)... Yes, the world loves America because of Hollywood- all those movies where beautiful movie stars fall in love and live happily ever after or courageously save the earth from destruction- HEY! WAKE UP! They're movies!!! They're NOT real! You know what's real? When mentally deranged people can easily get their hands on guns and wipe out innocent people all just trying to make their way in life..... well, I can go on for awhile but you'd get bored or angry so I'll end this rant now.

Oh, wait... one little thing.... I also worry about the backlash towards Asians now (as many innocent Arab-Americans faced after the 9/11). Yes, I also secretly hoped that he was "Not Chinese, not Chinese". As a Chinese-American who has faced racial stereotypes and discrimination as a child and even in the last few years, I fear the potential hate crimes and insults that many Asians will now endure as a result of the gunman being a fellow Asian.

On a lighter note, we do NOT all look same .

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