Tuesday, September 26, 2006

To Biwa or not to Biwa... that is the question

Ha ha, I had to steal the subject title from Eric (after he had to explain it to me). If you still don't get it, say it out loud. Hint, it's from Hamlet. If you still don't get it, you're no longer my friend.

Anyway... had a lovely weekend at Lake Biwa- the largest lake in Japan. We enjoyed lovely water sports such as sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, swimming, and drinking. Actually, I only enjoyed the sailing part. The rest I either didn't partake in, or didn't enjoy (the after-drinking-too-much part). A group of about 30 new and returning JETs frolicking in the water and getting absolutely sloshed, singing karaoke, and then passing out on tatami mats.

So, sailing. Can someone please win the lotto already and buy me a sailboat? I have the perfect pair of nautical themed flip flops already.... ahhh, I miss New York and the overpriced but gorgeous shoes!!

Umm, ok, back to sailing and Biwa... We were not allowed to have cameras onboard (I understand now why) so unfortunately we don't have proof of our sailing adventure. After about a 5 minute lesson with the Japanese guide, he set us out on our own (in pairs) to brave the waters with such useful vocabulary as: centerboard, a rudder, a tiller, a boom, and a sail. I think a "dinghy" is the technical term for what we "sailed" (see photos). I have to admit that Becky (ahoy, mate!) and I did an absolutely fabulous job navigating the waters of Lake Biwa, our full sails buoyant and our dinghy cutting and skimming the water like we were in a regatta. Bonnie, we were just trying to scare you when we almost ran you over in your kayak! And we were just joking when our dinghy started tipping over sideways and we started screamiing for someone to bring us buckets to scoop out all the accumulating water in the boat. and also about the flares. We'll send out an email shortly regarding tryouts for our rowing club.

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Brian L said...

Since when did "Drinking" become a "Water sport?" LOL