Monday, September 18, 2006

Cafeteria Ticket Vender

If I buy lunch from the cafeteria at Miyazu High School, I first have to buy a ticket from the vending machine and then present it to the ladies behind the counter. I've had a few items like curry and rice (hot, spicy, and filling!), udon noodles, oyakadon, and katsudon, and they were all pretty good.

One of my JTE's (Japanese Teacher of English) quickly translated each of the lunch options for me the first time I went, but of course I can't remember anything. So it's a surprise each time until I memorize the "menu".

It must be a translation thing- her comment about school lunches was "I should bring lunch from home more often. The school lunches do not provide me very much nourishment".

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Sono said...

You're making me hungry!!