Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ine Bunko

Today I went to my "visit school" at Ine Bunko, which is a tiny rural high school almost an hour away. There's like 50 students (about 95% boys to girls ratio) in the whole school and like 6 teachers!! Adam used to rave about how great Ine Bunko was and how he didn't go there enough. I can see why- it was awesome! Everyone is so chill and the school is in this beautiful old rustic wooden building.

It was my first visit there, and I will only go there like every 2-3 months. The young, easygoing English teacher, Mori-sensei, gave me a ride this morning which was sooooo nice. As you can see from the photos, the view on the way there is breath taking. It's so funny, everyone who drives me around here is so taken back by my awe of the scenery. They're like "Ehh, you get used to it. I'm so glad you're enjoying it, I'm bored of it!"

The students' English level is pretty low, but they are so friendly and easygoing- willing to share music or whatever. I felt like after just a few hours there, I had known some of them for months already. They're totally pals with the teachers, the guys have long hair, and have hobbies like playing guitar, skateboarding, and boxing. It's almost like they are more "high school" than some of my other academic students who live in the more "urban" areas of Miyazu. So I taught four classes back to back and then I got to hang out in the nurse's office with all the other teachers who didn't have classes and chit chat or whatever. (Bascially I did my self-introduction lesson 4 times for the students and a much more detailed one for the teachers).

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