Friday, September 22, 2006


Pauly sent me my beloved wonderful lovely stunning worn-in decade-old cherished Italian stovetop double espresso maker!!! and freshly ground Porto Rico Importing Co. espresso beans!!! I really thought I could wean myself off coffee and enjoy the healthy benefits of green tea.... but after smelling that wonderful strong aroma, and then tasting it.... well... I'll never be able to stop. Sorry mom and dad- I may have to just stop in Italy "on the way" back home so that I can get a year's supply of good cappuccinos and espressos in me to make up for lost time. Am I still pretty hyper after 14 hours? Maybe.

Paul also sent me a box of animal crackers which I shared with my ICC students. I made each one of them tell me the animal they got (in English) and one poor girl got a "hippopotamus". Of course I made her say it a few times and THEN told her that in America, we just call them "hippos". Hee hee hee.

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