Monday, August 28, 2006

Tango Coastline

The cute Japanese couple are the Yoshidas. Ridiculously generous and sooooo sweet. Their kids have grown up and moved away and they take new JETs under their wing and take care of them. They know some English but they are so easygoing and try so hard that we muddle through pretty well. They live near my friend Leigh and they drove us out for a short hike to see a lighthouse and the sunset over the Tango coast.

They prepared a huge spread for a picnic dinner- chirashi, sushi, pears and watermelons, homebaked bread, etc. They were even prepared with the burning mosquito coil which didn't prevent those little pests from biting up my whole back and arms. Argh. There were supposedly monkeys out there but we didn't see any. However, there were many spiders and these gigantic bee/yellowjacket type insects that were disconcertingly buzzing around our heads, and they would actually fly into us!


Paul said...

This couple look mosquito-proof, What's their secret?
I LOVE the photos! Hockney-esque photos are sweet!

Cecilia said...

they totally look sweet! Lucky you!