Monday, August 28, 2006

beach clean up the next day

Miyazu High School has a 20 year tradition of going out to Miyazu Bay to clean up the day after Obon. So I was out there with several hundred students picking up garbage. I got to hang out with a few of the girls from the International Club which was cool. They seemed to be less shy outside of the classroom.

One thing about the small towns- you have to SEPARATE EVERYTHING. Everyone has like 7 trash bins- some towns are so strict that you have to write your name on your garbage bags and if you don't separate correctly (burnable, styrofoam, recyclable plastics, non-recyclable plastics, paper, ceramic/leather/metals, and plastic bottles) they will bring it back to you and make you resort it.

No wonder I have no time to do anything here. I spend half of it sorting my garbage.

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