Monday, August 07, 2006

Apartment Toilet

Apartment Toilet
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Apartment Toilet

Ahhh.... the toilet....

so in the past, there wasn't that plastic bowl and seat thing- it was just a porcelain receptacle- you just straddle it with your feet firmly planted on the blue tiles, facing the window, and "go". I guess the yellowish/greenish thing in the corner used to work and it flushed the toilet.

Even though I now have a "western style" seat, it's really not that much more different. The little white sink in the corner was put in to bring water into the bathroom- after you "go", you fill up the cup with water, and pour it down the toilet to "flush" it.

As you can imagine, with this awful heat, the smell is pretty unbearable. I'm actually kind of grossing out just thinking of it.

Every 2 months or so, I have to apply and pay for a company to come by and change the chemicals / clean out the sewage tank behind the house. Ahhh.... village living!!


princessbeena said...

I cringe in horror for you. Hopefully it’s a little way off your bedroom. You’ll get use to everything soon, don’t worry.  miss you

pam said...

I had envisioned in a much cooler way. I'm not sure if I even listened to your full description before imagining a toilet seat hanging above the opening, almost like a swing. This makes more sense but is kinda boring...sorry.

vaso said...

you're trying to say that you haven't considered peeing in the sink?