Monday, August 07, 2006

ICC Club!

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My very outgoing English speaking students in the ICC (International Communications Club):

Yoshinori, Mayu, Kanako, Naomi, Kayoko, Megumi, and Takashi- the first 3 are in Grade 1, the little small girl in the middle is in Grade 3 (!), and the last 3 are in Grade 2. (Grade 1 is like our Freshman Year, Grade 2 is middle, and Grade 3 is Senior Year). Yeah, very young looking students!

The Welcome Party consisted of chips, pocky sticks, cookies, apple jelly candy, and soda. Basic high school junk food, if I can remember that far back! ha ha.

They hang out and learn about different countries, but mainly are there to improve their English through conversations, games, etc. So I told them about where I was from, what I do, about my family, etc. and then we enjoyed a game of Pictionary. It was pretty awesome to see the total looks of confusion when they picked up the card and had to draw something like "beard" and then see them change to huge smiles when their team mates guessed correctly.

It was like 90 degrees in the classroom and they were great sports in their little uniforms. Although they are high school students, they seriously look like they are like 12 years old!! And oh my god, they are SOOO polite to eachother- and it's NOT on purpose!!!

And they bow to me! I could definitely get used to this.


Paul said...

the ICC club must be crouching down in front of your sign, because for a minute there I thought they were actually IN first or second grade! peace!

emily, manni & dilly said...

yes, i first i thought- "wow, they start young there..." They seem very heppy! and i was very heppy to see that picture of you on you bike with your little straw hat and cute!we miss you!

laurie said...

Yes, the students are crouching down... Let me tell you- the act of getting them to pose in front of the chalkboard was challenging enough.

They love photos (peace/"V" signs everywhere!)!!

pam said...

i actually thought you were in the photo until i looked real, real closely.

vaso said...

laurie ... so ... you're taller than all of them!