Tuesday, November 25, 2008

more apartment photos

Couches are such a luxury when you live in tiny New York apartments! In my last 5 years in the LES apartment, I had my two precious red Eames lounge chairs, but not really something I could throw my feet up on at the end of the day. The last time I had one was when I lived in San Francisco (2003) and it's probably been about 7 years for Paul!

So much to our delight, our chocolate brown couch finally arrived and the 3 delivery guys lugged it up 4 flights. Unfortunately, it was stuck in our little foyer for 45 minutes while they tried to manuever, manipulate, molest it in. Finally after much grumbling, the guys took it out onto our shaky fire escape via the terrace, took out the bedroom window, and got it in the apartment that way. Good thing the camera phone was ready. Thankfully, no casualties.

Anyway, new couch=new living room arrangement:

Also, got a new dresser! Paul and I were on our way out one Saturday morning to go dresser-shopping when we ran into our downstairs neighbor struggling with a gorgeous distressed antique Chinese dresser in her doorway. She was trying to get rid of it, we were in the market. Lucky us, one of the fastest and most convenient deals we've ever made- and it's from ABC Carpet and Home !

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