Sunday, November 02, 2008

Coop Sweet Coop

There are still a few boxes to unpack and we should be getting the couch this week- our last major purchase... I think.

Home (or in our case, coop) ownership has had its blessings and then its ummm, challenges... I think I will start posting the "challenges" portions separately, as each little step (for example: hiring a $35 chimney sweep) is its own Pandora's Box of nightmares!! But despite these challenges, we absolutely adore our home and neighborhood...

The view from "my side" of the bed:

The view of our small but humble private (!) terrace (that's Paul sacked out taking an afternoon nap this weekend)

The bathroom and kitchen need a little work, or at least some color.

The kitchen and eating nook are about the size (and width) of my former apartment!!

The view from our kitchen and living room windows- a charming church and tree-lined street...

I can't believe this is where I live... We are one of five of the floor-through apartments in the building, and everyone is very cool and chill. As I grow older and mellower, I appreciate but do NOT miss the vibrant nightlife/character of the Lower East Side during the last few years... I have replaced the nightly party of honking taxis, car alarms, drunken 20-something year-olds and music-blasting neighbors between 1am and 4am, the 5:30am garbage trucks and street cleaners, and the 7am drunken homeless guy who sang the same song every morning in front of the deli... with the distinctive clatter of dry leaves falling from trees, the calling of birds and chattering squirrels, flying and hopping from tree to tree in the courtyard, and the loud church bells from across the street everyday at noon and 6pm. Pumpkins decorate the neighborhood stoops (not vomit and cigarette butts) and the air is crisp and smoky from fireplaces (someday, from ours too!).

Although we are on this quiet Brooklyn street, we are only 3 blocks away from the promenade, downtown Brooklyn (and my office!!!), 5 subway lines, grocery and produce stores (plus the first Trader Joe's in Brooklyn just opened last month!), the fantastic Middle Eastern mecca on Atlantic Avenue, and the great little boutiques and restaurants of Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens!

I told Paul the other day that this was the best decision we ever made. He corrected me- it's the second best decision we ever made! **groan...**


han said...

you mean the damn guy who keeps singing the same damn bosom buddies song every damn morning??? i couldn't get that damn song out of my head for an entire summer!!! damn that guy!!

but congrats PAURIE!!!! love the place and can't wait to see it.

laurie said...

Ha ha! Yep, that's the one! "I don't care what you say anymore, this is myyyyyyyy life..."'

Anney said...

ah nuts laurie, it is so you, i love every piece of it, and your painting in the bathroom! i said out loud, 'ohhh, your painting!' - sigh. so wonderful, i can't wait to see it and to meet mr. paul. sigh you!