Friday, July 27, 2007


Furiously packing, exhausting farewell parties, and receiving countless "thank you" presents...

Woke up early this morning to see Becky off at the bus station- it was my first reality check of actually LEAVING... she had like 10 people show up unexpectedly (including me and Jun) so she burst into tears each time someone else showed up! I started crying because I realized that my turn to leave was not that far off...

My "kuroneko man" is coming tomorrow morning to pick up my huge suitcases to deliver them to the airport. (Do we have this in the US?!? It's awesome- great for travelers with huge bags, especially in this country of train travel... You can either send your luggage ahead of time to the airport or send it from the airport to your destination, and it costs like $15 each way, and it takes like 1 day to get there!)

So, here's my schedule for my last few days in Japan:

Saturday: random errands/ sending off big suitcases

Sunday: packing last minute stuff into carry ons/ Waterfall Fire festival

Monday: last morning at school... leaving at 12:30pm (sniff, sniff)

Tuesday: stopping service & paying my utility and cell phone bills. I will have no easy form of communication with anyone in Japan, much less, the world for 24 hours... then training down to Kyoto for one last night...

I'm going to miss my little blue/green/red trains (and the little bike)!

Wednesday: off to the airport!!!!

I'll be in San Francisco from August 1st through the 14th.

Paul will meet me in San Francisco on the 8th, and we get back to New York on the 15th!

See you all soon and thanks for keeping up with my blog!!!


Paul said...

Thank YOU for writing it! I'm sure i speak for everyone. Have a safe trip home. See you soon!

emily said...


Laurie is coming home!!!!So sad for your friends in Japan, so heppy for us here at home!I hope that you have a safe trip and that you have no cause to exclaim "WHO IS FRUSTRATING ON WHO???"

Sono said...

Thanks to you, I have been able to experience a sample of Japan vicariously through your blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your stories of your rewarding experiences as a JET, sight-seeing adventures and your humorous take on various situations. You have brought many a smile to my face with your stories of the differences in cultures. One day I will get there to witness my heritage in person. Since you will be in S.F. for a bit, please come visit your ex-co-workers at MBC! We'd love to see you! (and meet Paul!)