Thursday, July 19, 2007

Final Lessons...

Inspired by the beauty of the "Tanabata" festival, I ended all of my final lessons at Miyazu with a "Laurie Wishing Tree" activity...

I made a make-shift bamboo tree from items found at the 100¥ store and asked each student to write a wish on one side of the colorful strips of paper and a farewell message to me on the other.

It was a hit! And now, my tree is practically falling over with these 200+ wishes!

These are some selected wishes/ messages written by the students:

"Long live our noble Laurie."

"I want to be tall." (there were several variations of these!)

"I want to be digger and frister." ("I want to be bigger and faster.")

"I want a drink of water."

"I want to defeat a gorilla."

"I want to sleep more than 100 years."

"I want to be a parfect English speaker."

"I want to be a oil king."

"Thank you! I have a good time by the grace of Laurie."

"Give me girlfriend. and a guitar amp."

"Good ruck!"


giuli said...

I think at one point in high school I asked for a guitar amp too. THat is hilarious... Look forward to see ing you soon--our noble Laurie!

Paul said...

I want to defeat a gorilla too! and then take my new amp to my job as an oil king.