Thursday, July 05, 2007

A Grandson of a Ninja...

Masami took Anne Marie and I to Kanbayashi-san's house...

The guy is like 4 feet tall and the sweetest little spry guy I've ever seen.

His grandfather used to be a ninja. How rad is that?

He gripped us with his surprisngly strong fingers (I mean, seriously, he's like 88 years old) and had a handhold on my waist like a sleazy NY bouncer... and his fly was down the entire time we were there. But despite all that, he rocks.

He showed us around his cool old traditional house.

Not only that... he owns all these samurai swords.

And then, he took us out to the back where he boasted about his "robotto" (robots)!

Go figure, in the middle of the Japanese countryside, next to rice fields and this guy's beautiful old house and rock gardens, he's got all these "robots" in this machine shop making piles of scrap metal, spewing oil everywhere, drilling holes in stainless steel bars!!!

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So said...

Believe it or not, I had Samurai in my family.