Sunday, May 30, 2010

Central Park Boating

Larry, Min, and Kayla came into town in May to celebrate K's 4th birthday (they stayed with Grandma and Grandpa (Min's parents) in Queens).

I arrived early and had lunch on the steps of the Met- a great people-watching spot!
*Note- Security at the Met does not allow any food or beverages inside, except bottles of water. They wouldn't even let me bring in my (unopened) container of yogurt that I was saving for after the museum visit, stating that I might actually take it out and eat it inside the museum, and accidentally get some on the artwork. Um, yeah, I might do that... what?!? but my already opened bottle of water was ok to bring in. 

K, L, M, and I wandered around the museum- and I think K was most impressed with the modern art.
It was pretty exhausting so we walked into Central Park for some fresh air.  First we saw the model sailboats in the Conservatory Water...

Then we went "boating" (rowing) in the Lake. It's one of the best $12 you could spend in the city- and an hour was just enough time to enjoy the scenery (it was pretty hot out there!). Although most people were leisurely rowing around (and even taking naps), Larry was sporting his old crew skills from college and rapidly moving us across the pond.

It was such a relaxing activity that Wendy decided to also go rowing for her birthday, only 2 weekends later!

Some comparison shots:
Larry did most of the rowing. 
 Kayla loved pointing out the turtles. 

For Wendy's birthday, our group of 6 got 3 boats (Wendy and Sean, Lisa and Gabe, Paul and me).

 The guys did most of the rowing :)
 We saw a lot more turtles out on Wendy's birthday! 

Beautiful Bow Bridge

On K's birthday: After boating and getting hot dogs at Bethesda Fountain, we went to FAO Schwarz where adults and children alike ran around playing with all the toys. 
(Side note- we spotted Marcia Cross from Desperate Housewives shopping there).
Larry and Kayla playing on the BIG piano... (sometimes she didn't jump 
hard enough on the keys so they didn't always light up for her!)
Me next to the giant Chewie (Chewbacca) completely made of Legos!

Happy 4th birthday K!

Happy 30th birthday W!

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