Sunday, April 04, 2010

Brooklyn Botanical Garden- Spring 2010

Giuliana and Damien got us one of the best wedding presents ever- a membership to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden! We absolutely love the vibe there, love the conservatories (desert, tropical, & temperate), the Terrace Cafe, love the perks, love the sustainable gardening recommendations, so much that we just renewed our membership for another year.

P and I rode our bikes out to the park on what seemed to be the perfect spring day... The pictures cannot even begin to capture the beauty and our exhilaration!
The walk down to the Lilly Pool Terrace and conservatories took us right through the magnificently blossoming Magnolia Plaza.
Seeing all the bulbs popping out of the ground and colorful blossoms in the trees were especially invigorating after being cooped up inside for so many months. Bright yellow daffodils were everywhere...
...and the cherry blossoms on the esplanade were just beginning to open up.

Two of the really old, large cherry trees at the top of the esplanade were in their full pink regalia, surrounded by photo-snapping visitors that rivaled Japanese levels!

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