Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chinese New Year (Belated)

My parents were hosting a big Chinese New Year party on Saturday afternoon (which was why our trip to SLO was so short). It is the biggest holiday of the year in the Cheung household, and another occasion to have a bunch of people over and eat waaaaay too much food...
and an opportunity to display giant flower blossoms, firecrackers (fake), and clementines all around the house...
My sister and her boyfriend Craig also flew back to CA to celebrate Chinese New Year with my family so it was a big happy reunion.
Three generations of Cheungs... our adorable little niece is dressed up in a traditional Chinese New Year costume!
I mean, seriously... which one is really the present?
Saturday morning, my dad starting preparing his infamous fried sesame balls ("jin deui")- a Chinese New Year tradition in our family.
The filling is not the typical red bean paste, but his secret mish-mash of chopped up peanuts, coconut, and Chinese "herbs" that my dad kept saying were "ivy"?!)
Paul helped Dad mix and knead the dough... Note the bottle of gin in the background, another "secret" ingredient. Paul made his first Chinese pun and renamed these "gin deui"!
Craig rolled the dough into balls and made the indentations for the filling. Then they carefully closed up the ball and rolled them around in sesame seeds before frying.
My dad started off the deep frying process, but in the end, it was Paul and Craig who finished making them. Delicious!
Gung hay fat choy, welcome the Year of the Metal Tiger!

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