Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!

Welcome the Year of the Rat.... and we did with a nice big banquet at the awesome Grand Sichuan in the East Village. We did this a few years ago and were impressed with their authentic dishes despite the weird 2nd story location next to Chipotle, above the St. Mark's Market. Recent parents Giuli, Damien, Vel, and Han (the *core* group) missed out, but Katy and I still rounded up an eclectic, international group of 24, including my sister, and FEASTED for hours...

Several pitchers of beer and many dishes later (including a whole fish, scallion pancakes, dumplings, long life noodles, garlic chicken, pea shoots, eggplant in garlic sauce, super spicy ma po tofu, super savory green beans, fried pumpkin...) we rolled out of there.

Gung hay fat choy!

On Chinese New Year proper (Thursday), Paul and I ate at Big Wong King in Chinatown. We missed the big parade during the day, but shuffled through its aftermath.

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