Friday, November 30, 2007


This year, Thanksgiving was pretty mellow. I was busy with my new job and my side job, so the whole long weekend was devoted to working. :(

But Paul and I took a quick day trip away to Norwalk, Connecticut to visit his parents on turkey day. His twin sister, husband, and dogs were also joining us for the afternoon/evening meal which was great. Because Paul's mom had recently suffered a stroke, it was definitely a time of being thankful for good health, good family, and good food. Barb's speech and agility has been steadily improving and Jim is fantastic at taking care of her, when she needs it!

Paul's family members are such "foodies"- it was hilarious to watch all of them putter around the kitchen with all their utensils of choice and crafting these delicious dishes and suggestions & tips to each other. I am really comfortable with them and so excited to spend many more meals around their table!

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