Thursday, November 15, 2007


Ok, so I have been seriously lacking on the blogging front.

I apologize to everyone.

I know I haven't blogged/updated since Halloween so it's unfair of me to "postdate" this back to November (considering it's actually January 2008!!) but I have to do this to make things chronologically accurate with photos and all that.

First off, the short story is that I went from "back-from-Japan / enjoy-New York-while-unemployed" to realizing that I NEEDED a job... STAT. My rent in NYC is 3 times the amount I paid in Japan, and EVERYTHING here is expensive! For a few reasons too complicated to explain, I didn't go back to the firm I was with before I left Japan- plus I thought I had a few promising leads thinking that I wouldn't have to go through the painful interview process again. Unfortunately, things didn't work out that way. So, all of October I was furiously (and frustratingly) interviewing at architecture and construction firms... looking for the very obscure job position that somewhat straddled the line between construction and design.It was a very difficult time- I met a lot of different people, and was impressed by many, and especially disappointed when things don't follow through the way I expected or wanted.

One day, my friend Pam (who is also a broker) hooked me up with a friend of hers who bought a loft from her earlier in 2007. He was looking for an architect-ey/ designer-ly type who could help him re-design/renovate his place in the East Village/Alphabet City. It turned out to be a cool design project and he was really cool, so I figured it would be a great little job to float me through winter. Or at least another month.

Turns out that I got an offer from a small high-end general contractor the day after I signed the contract with Ian! It was a great offer, and a great opportunity, so I took it. So in one day, I went from 0 hours to 80+ hours a week of working. And I have been trying to stay afloat since then.

I love having the design project as a creative outlet to offset the semi-dry construction management though- just wish I had a bit more time for sleep, and socializing!

I have photos of other things that have popped up like weddings and Christmas and stuff... stay tuned!

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