Friday, August 03, 2007

BACK in the USA

I'm back safe and sound in the land of the free, land of the "huge", the land of the bountiful... no more bugs and typhoons, but also no more rice fields and friendly Japanese old ladies....

my passport was impatiently stamped by a non-friendly immigrations officer who never once smiled or even looked me in the eye, and found one of my suitcases was ripped and had a missing handle!!! Yay...

first day back consisted of sleeping and trying to unpack.

second day back consisted of sleeping, going to Walgreens, getting Mexican food with my mom (yum!!!), visiting my adorable niece, and catching up with Velba!

third day back- a visit to Peet's for some Major Dickason's Blend, a stroll down Burlingame Avenue, and a little bit more sleeping.

another week or two of this gorgeous sunny California weather and then back to muggy NYC with Paul!

OK, fresh sweet plums and California grapes and a glass of wine is beckoning me...

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